Dear guides.

We are happy to see you guiding at Ben-Gurion’s Desert Home, but we ask you to keep to certain rules and to listen to the instructions given to you by the people at the cashier.

  1. Ask the students to leave their bags on the bus.
  2. Remind the visitors about behavior rules in the site: enter without chewing gums, do not touch, keep quiet, do not step on the plants, etc.
  3. Eating– you may request permission from Café Paula to eat at the café area. Eating on the paths, explanation areas and all around the museum site – is not allowed.
  4. Soldiers – you should stack all the rifles in the area of the benches and do not lean the rifles on the walls.
  5. You will find at the entrance to the site big and clean restrooms. Use them before entering the site.
  6. Avoid long explanations inside the buildings.
  7. Guide at the designated places – explanation areas and around the sand map and the contoured map which are located far from the paths. In most of the cases you will be interrupted by other groups if you guide on the paths.
  8. We are trying to take care of the grass. Please do not step on it.
  9. Please update us regarding to any change in time of arrival or number of participants. Advise at the cashier about your arrival and number of participants.
  10. Photographing in the exhibitions is not allowed. In Ben-Gurion’s home you are allowed to take photos without flash (due to restoration reasons).
  11. Group activation of interactive tables:
    1. Before letting the group inside please approach the activation panel which is located on the right side of the far door. Press language.
    2. After pressing, you have 10 minutes in which the system is quieted and you can speak with your group.
    3. To activate the tables, press the name of the activity.
    4. Remember, you cannot use the group activation if someone touches the table.
    5. Ask the participants to press only with one finger and not with the whole hand – this disrupts the activity.

Dear Agents and partners,

Ben-Gurion’s Desert Home is a national heritage site which belongs to the Ben-Gurion Heritage institute. The site provides a variety of activities suitable for children, adults, senior citizens,
tourists, students and more.

The entire site is in English and Hebrew(eccept “the old man and the people”) and certain exhibitions are translated to Spanish, Russian and French.

Agents are requested to book group visits in advance in our visiting form, and wait for out staff’s approval.

Save the telephone number of our office for requesting assistance – 08-6560469

If you need guiding material or any question you have – you are invited to e-mail 

Have a successful visit

Yoni Gallitziano-Educational Coordinator

Ben-Gurion’s Desert Home

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